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How  I Can Help You on Your OET Journey

As a former medical doctor, certified teacher of English as a foreign language, and Premium OET Preparation Provider I am in the fortunate position to be able to help you achieve success in the OET so that you can live and work in the English speaking country of your choice. You can be assured that I can give you the expert guidance you need on your OET journey.

I truly enjoy working with healthcare professionals and am dedicated to helping you succeed.

Below you will see the courses that I offer to help prepare you for OET successfully!

J Ashcroft

OET Preparation Packages (B2 and above):

All packages include 1-1 lessons so that you the focus is 100% on your needs and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

All lessons last 1 hour giving you the time you need to make the most out of your lesson.

The more comprehensive the package, the more you save!

OET Learn and Succeed

Bronze $237

For the student who needs expert guidance and practice material on one subtest only and prefers to book a smaller number of lessons at a time.

OET Learn and Succeed

Silver $463

For the student who needs expert guidance on 2 subtests, would like to take more lessons and would like additional practice material for independent study

OET Learn and Succeed

Gold $699

For the student who needs expert guidance in 3 subtests, would like to benefit from even more lesson time and would like even more practice material for independent study.

OET Learn and Succeed

VIP - ONLY $927

AND Free Tips and Guides to pass OET first time ONLY available to VIP students!!

LAST minute booking access!

For the student who wants to make sure they have all every subtest covered and get all the resources I have available to offer to help you pass! Get top value for money with the package with FREE bonus EXCLUSIVELY available to VIP STUDENTS

VIP Training - OET Learn and Succeed ( 1 lesson)

For students who want:

For students who :

What’s included?

English level below B2? Don’t worry! Your Steps to Success

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