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Johoa OET student

Johoa (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons


She gives you a thorough assessment of what you can do to improve your weaknesses. She is super friendly and makes the class so valuable. She is someone you can rely on in your OET preparation.

Aram OET student

Aram (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

Dr Joan is perfect. Very professional & knowledgeable. She knows what exactly you need for your test. In one word she is awesome!

Aline OET student

Aline (Dentist)

OET Preparation Lessons


Joan is so lovely. I’m very stressed with my test and she opens my eyes to what I can really do right now. She gives me the confidence to continue this challenging journey and not give up.

Jihyun OET student

Jihyun (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

South Korea

She is the best!

Maria D OET

Maria Delgado (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

Spain (now working in the UK)

When I did my free consultation it was grateful to see how easy Joan made things. It was evident that she had vast experience helping others with the preparation for OET and she had excellent references.

During our lessons, I loved her good mood, and her ability to empathise and adapt our classes based on my specific requirements.

I passed my exam on the first attempt, after a 6-month preparation period. It was hard but you made things easy. I recommend her 100%.

Luis G OET

Luis Garcia (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

Spain (now working in the UK)

I booked lessons with Joan because I wanted to have the opportunity to work abroad to improve myself as a professional, and the OET exam was my best choice to achieve my goal. I was able to get a real perspective of what I should expect about the OET exam.

In my opinion, learning English has been an obstacle to my professional development, so improving my English language skills and achieving my goal has been invaluable

For me, the outcome has been game-changing in terms of my future professional opportunities.

Yook Yeong

Yookyeong (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

South Korea (now working in the USA)

When I booked lessons with Joan I was worried about the speaking part and I wanted someone who could play a patient role and give me appropriate feedback.

Her feedback according to actual OET speaking criteria was what I valued the most. It helped me a lot to understand what this exam is about and how to modify my speaking skills.

The outcome of working with Joan has been Wonderful. I didn’t expect these grades when I first started preparing for this exam because I wasn’t confident. But the grades turned out great after I took intensive OET lessons with her.

I will recommend her classes to whoever needs to pass this exam. She is a very dedicated and committed teacher and walked me through the whole preparation process. I could improve my skills in a very short time thanks to her. 

The lessons are definitely worth the cost and I think the price is quite reasonable considering the quality of the lessons.

I really appreciate her help and support during my preparation for this exam.

Maria V OET

Maria Victoria (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons


Excellent teacher to prepare for OET. Very professional and didactic. She gives you a lot of material and helps you with everything you need and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. She always helps motivate you to move forward and improve. It shows that she has a lot of experience and for me, the fact that she is a doctor and an English teacher makes her the ideal teacher to accompany you in the process of preparing for this test. She is the best teacher ever!

Anaca F OET student

Anca F (Pharmacist)

OET Preparation Lessons


Dr.Ashcroft is a lovely teacher! Her lessons are well organised and very useful.She is patient, and caring and has a professional approach, especially for OET preparation. I strongly recommend Dr A to anyone who wants to improve their English in a comfortable way and gain confidence. Thank you!

Dante (Doctor)

Pre-OET Preparation Lessons


She is a very responsible teacher. She is highly recommended.

Junmin (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons and IMG Interview Preparation Lessons

South Korea

As I have heard from many of my friends preparing for USMLE, this class is extremely helpful. Her experiences on the exam are precious! I strongly recommend this class to anyone who is preparing for OET. She gives you great feedback and corrects the necessary errors. She is very contributory to students’ preparation for the exam. It is really hard to be motivated when preparing for OET but with her, I can prepare efficiently for the exam.

 A necessary class to pass OET, Just believe in her and you will pass.

Ilia (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons


I successfully OET on my first attempt after having prepared with Joan. The clinical communication Joan taught me was very useful not only in OET only, but in the PLAB-2 exam too.

Today I had a discussion about medical job interviews and Joan, as usual, gave me a lot of really useful information. Joan teaches you to have perfect, precise but simple phrasing, which makes your conversations fluent, easily understandable and polite, despite any cultural differences you may have between your native country and the UK. Joan is definitely one of the most professional teachers I ever met. Thank you so much!

JooHee (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

South Korea

I always learn so much in her lessons! I am very grateful and lucky to have her as my teacher!

I would definitely recommend her lessons! I have learned so much and feel very well-prepared to take my tests!

Her lessons are always tailored to fit my needs!

Max (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

Dominican Republic

My lesson was awesome. The best experience I have had so far in Italki. She is excellent, very professional, knowledgeable, kind and passionate. In other words, she is a blessing.

Brendan (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

Hong Kong

She’s fantastic~~!! She gave me a lot of examples of the language used by native English-speaking doctors, rather than just correcting my grammatical mistakes.

Juyun (Doctor)

OET and IMG Interview Preparation Lessons


As always, great lesson.

Seulgi (Doctor)

IMG Interview Preparation Lessons

South Korea

My lesson was awesome. The best experience I have had so far in Italki. She is excellent, very professional, knowledgeable, kind and passionate. In other words, she is a blessing.

Luke (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons

South Korea

Thanks for your great session. You encouraged me a lot and made a road to my goal. I’ll keep going, and hope to study with you more. I’m glad to meet Joan, her classes are really impressive and helpful.

Raewon (Doctor)

IMG Interview Preparation (Personal Statement Editing)

South Korea

I highly recommend Joan’s lessons. I got a lot of help from her lesson especially with rephrasing sentences and she interacted with me very well. Thank you for your lesson, Joan!

Carmen (Doctor)

OET Preparation Lessons


I would totally recommend this teacher to anyone who wants to really learn English. She is very kind and encouraging and at the same time, she is very well organised and pragmatic. She makes the process of learning English enjoyable! If you are looking for an English teacher who doesn’t waste your time and money, you should pick her 🙂

 Kyungyun (Doctor)

Preparing for work in the USA 

South Korea

When I first started OET lessons with Joan, it was my initial experience preparing for an English speaking exam. I was searching for someone who could guide me in speaking more effectively right from the beginning.

Joan has shown immense patience with me, despite my slow speaking speed, and she has consistently instilled confidence in me during every class.

Thanks to Joan’s guidance, I was able to pass the OET exam within just two months of studying with her.

She always comes prepared for each lesson, which has greatly helped in developing my potential. I highly recommend Joan’s classes to anyone preparing for the OET or interviews.

The value of Joan’s lessons surpasses the amount I paid for them. Even if I could go back in time, I would undoubtedly choose her lessons and willingly invest in them.

Dr Loana

Ioana (Doctor)

Successfully secured UK Clinical Fellowship


“Thank you for being so supportive during this process and for your kind words. You helped me with my UK journey, and I’m forever grateful.”

When I booked lessons switch Joan I was looking for a way to adapt what I had done and what I knew in a way that Brits could more easily understand. I had the information but didn’t know how to express it in English.

Joan provided insights as a former doctor who knew the NHS and how the system works and guided me through this process – her experience with this matter came in handy.

As a result of working with Joan, I learnt how to write my job applications, what to say and not to say, how not to undersell myself and how to answer interview questions promptly and proficiently.

The lessons are great value for money. This really felt like a high-quality service and I looked forward to our sessions. Trust was the most important thing for me – I felt safe to trust Joan and her advice.


Jiyoon Lim (Doctor)

Preparing for work in the USA 

South Korea

I got my OET result last week and I passed! Thank you so much for helping me pass this exam on my first attempt!


Iulia (Doctor)

Preparing for work in the UK


I’m thrilled to inform you that I successfully passed the OET! My scores were 380 in Listening & Writing and 400 in Reading and Speaking! I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your incredible patience and support throughout this journey. You helped me through challenging times, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had you as my teacher. I hope our collaboration can extend to my upcoming job interviews. Thank you for everything! ♥️

Isareeya (Doctor)

Now living and working in Australia 


I got the results yesterday and woohoo! I passed. I got speaking 370. I was so nervous before the exam, your five sessions have saved me and I will be forever grateful.

The scores were listening 410, reading 370 and writing 350.

Thank you again!

Roxana (Doctor)

Preparing for work in the UK


Hi Joan, I got my test results: listening – 450, writing & speaking – 390 and reading – 500. Thank you so much for your help, you are an amazing teacher! I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get those results without all I’ve learnt from you, and I’m very grateful for all your support, especially the confidence you helped me build! All the best, Roxana

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