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IMG Interview Preparation – USA


Are you an IMG wanting to join a residency program in the US?

I have had the pleasure of working with many doctors who have trained outside the USA in the following way:

Editing Service

To help make the challenging process of submitting your application easier I offer to help you ensure you make the right impression with your personal statement and the email correspondence you send to programs. 

This service is provided during 1 on 1 lesson so that the process remains interactive and there is no miscommunication in what you want to say. My job is to ensure your letters are expressed in a native like way and grammatically accurate to create a professional impression.

Personal Statement Editing
Once you have created your personal statement, I will be there to provide you with feedback on it not only from a linguistics perspective but from my perspective as a former medical doctor. Your feedback will cover the following points:
ERAS CV Editing
Email Correspondence Editing:

IMG Job Interview Preparation Lessons

Get your dream job in the USA. I’d be delighted to be part of your success story.

IMG Interview Preparation Packages - USA

**Important Information for  Nord VPN users**

If you are using Nord VPN and you experience problems booking your lesson please follow the instructions here. I look forward to meeting you soon!

IMG Interview Success

Bronze €103 (approx $112)

For those who feel confident they have most bases covered but would like a little feedback on their Personal Statement and a chance to try out a mock interview with a former doctor

– Mock Interviews with common interview questions to test out the answers you have prepared
– Mock interviews by a former doctor for realistic interview experience

IMG Interview Success

Silver €258 (approx $280)

For those who need more support and guidance with their personal statement and CV as well as the opportunity to try some mock interviews with a former doctor

 – Live review and feedback summary (1 hour 1-1 session) 


– 1 hour 1-1 session to discuss feedback and assistance with editing

– 3 x mock interview lessons + personalised feedback + guidance  from former doctor
– Mock Interviews with common and tricky interview questions

IMG Interview Success

Gold  €776 (approx $840)

For those who like to be thoroughly prepared and have access to the full range of IMG preparation services Ashcroft Medical English provides for US residency applicants.  Make a great impression from start to finish!

Before the interviews

 – Live review and feedback summary (1 hour 1-1 session) – PS and CV  


– up to 2 x 1 hour 1-1 sessions for discussion of feedback and assistance with editing 

10 x  1 hour 1-1 mock interview lessons + personalised feedback 

– Mock Interviews with common, tricky and unexpected interview questions

– Mock interviews by a former doctor for realistic interview experience

Free Guides:

– How to make a great first impression in your residency interviews

– How to structure your answers to behavioural questions “Tell me about a time when……….” 

– Tips on how to answer  “Tell me about yourself.”  – What the interview panel REALLY wants to know

After the interviews

– Access to 2 hours of  letter of interest and thank you letter editing services 

1 - 1 Training Session- IMG Interview Success €54 (approx $59)
1-hour session

For those who would like to book one session at a time or would like to add extra sessions to their packages for additional 1-1 support

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