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Pre-OET Preparation

Pre-OET Preparation Lessons (B1-B2)

There’s no need to worry if you haven’t reached B2 level in English yet – I’m here to help!


The Pre-OET Preparation Service includes 1-1 lessons for doctors and nurses with a level of English that is B1- 2 so that you can build the language skills you need to reach B2 level. 


Then, you will have the strong foundation you need to move on to prepare for OET successfully.


Here are the 4 steps to reach your goal:

Pre-OET Preparation Lessons for Doctors and Nurses

Pre-OET Training Course

OET Learn and Succeed Lessons

Pass OET

IMG Interview Success Training

Your dream Job!

Pre-OET English

So that you can make that step from B1 - B2 and be ready for OET training

What is covered:

Improve all 4 language skill


Materials used:

  • Authentic medical literature e.g patient information, extracts from medical articles, news articles on health related matters
  • Sample patient casenotes
  • Consultation transcripts
  • Protocols and Guidelines


Improve your use of vocabulary, punctuation and grammar as we develop your writing skills to reach B2 level. Once you reach this level you will have the foundation you need to apply your skills to OET writing.


Build your listening skills step by step in a healthcare context and learn strategies to increase your comprehension.


Build your confidence using English in a healthcare context step by step Receive helpful, personalised feedback and tips to improve your skills in preparation for OET speaking roleplays.

Pre- OET Preparation for Success (B1-B2)

€54 (approx $59) for a 1hr 1-1 lesson

€517 (approx $560.50) for a 10 lesson package

For those with a level of English less than B2 (upper-intermediate).

In these lessons, we will work on improving your level of English so that you have the level required to begin OET preparation classes.

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If you are using Nord VPN and you experience problems booking your lesson please follow the instructions here. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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